Queens' Graduate Choir


Conductor: Will Rose (email)

Will joined Queens' in 2018 to read music. An enthusiastic conductor, Will took the baton to lead the Choir in his second week at Cambridge. Will's leadership has grown the Choir and brought it to produce some beautiful sounds despite working with difficult music. Will is also a member of the Queens' Chapel Choir, and is also involved with other music societies around Cambridge.

Administrator: Jonny Tsang (email)

Jonny studied at Queens' between 2011 and 2019, first reading the Mathematical Tripos and then completing a PhD in applied mathematics. Jonny continues to live in Cambridge, and throughout this time they have been involved in many choirs at Queens' and around Cambridge. As administrator for Queens' Graduate Choir since 2018, Jonny is responsible for the organisation of rehearsals, performances and other events, liaison with the College, and the Choir's publicity and finances.

Former conductors and committee

  • Arthur Tombs
  • Lewis Owen
  • Manu Signer
  • Sonia Ilie
  • Karol Jaworski